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    Sacrificing Everything Hoodie

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    Our Sacrificing Everything hoodie isn't for fashionistas who want some lightweight hoodie that's little more than a long-sleeve shirt with a hood on it.

    This is a heavyweight hoodie made for maximum warmth and comfort.

    Our warriors are hardworking men and women who actually go outdoors, and when they do, they trust in our ultra-premium hoodies to keep them warm.

    We'd dare you to find a higher quality hoodie, but we'd just be wasting your time. Get yours today!

    Believe In Something, Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything

    We were disgusted when an international brand decided to promote a football player who voluntarily quit his job, and used him as an example of sacrifice.

    A low-life who went on to disrespect the American flag by spreading a make-believe story, saying, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color."

    A man who has failed to take responsibility for his own actions, and blames others because the NFL won't hire him.

    They say that this flag is just a piece of cloth. You know better.

    If this flag was just a piece of cloth, it wouldn't drape the coffins of fallen American warriors. That "piece of cloth" wouldn't be given to the warrior's survivors. 

    If it was just a piece of cloth, soldiers wouldn't fight and die for it.

    These heroes have actually sacrificed everything for what they believe in - the American Flag. That same flag that represents a country which made these kneelers millionaires.

    Those kneelers haven't sacrificed anything. They don't even know what sacrifice is.

    You don't have to be a warrior to know the real meaning of sacrifice.

    Show your support for real heroes. #NotNike

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 176 reviews
    Victoria Peters (Lafayette, US)

    I love it! Not only is it comfortable, I also love the material

    DREW SECOR (Seattle, US)
    Great product with great messages

    Great product with great messages! Received my order quickly and correct. T-shirts fit great and I love the patriotic messages that I have been thinking my whole life.

    Howard Gump (Indianapolis, US)

    My order was complete, arrived quickly and looked just like the pictures on line.

    American strong thank you for having BAD ASS products.