1/1024 Bald Eagle

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Our 1/1024 Bald Eagle shirt was almost called the 100% bald eagle shirt, because if Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taught us anything, it’s that 0.097% (1/1024) is the same as 100%.

We’re not quite sure how it works. Must be something they teach in common core math nowadays.

What's This 1/1024? I Don’t Get It

Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren has claimed for years that she’s part Cherokee and Delaware Indian. She claimed minority status for decades at Harvard Law School, citing her status as a Native American. 

In a 2012 campaign ad she claimed that her parents had to elope because her father’s family didn’t like that her mother was a Native American.

However, Warren doesn’t visibly have any Native American features and her known family tree doesn’t show any evidence of Native heritage.

Following years of criticism, Warren took a DNA test and then publicly released the results to prove that her claims about her heritage are all true.

Except the DNA test showed that there’s a 99% chance that she’s at least 1/1024 Native American, which is less Native than a ham sandwich.

Now, you too can show off your proud heritage with our 1/1024 Bald Eagle shirt.

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Bald Eagle

I have purchased several t shirts from Warrior 12, and I have always been extremely satisfied with the products.

Excellent products

Some of the best shirts out their

Great Shirt

Second great T-shirt I have bought from Warrior 12. Will definitely be getting more. These shirts fit great and wash well. It’s nice to have a company that makes shirts that express what a lot of us feel...our love of this Great Country!!! Thanks Warrior 12!

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