Embroidered Thin Blue Line Betsy Ross Flag

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Our Embroidered Thin Blue Line Betsy Ross Flag is also referred to as a Blue Lives Matter flag or Police Lives Matter flag, or Blue Line American flag. It is made of high-quality durable material for flying year-round outdoors.

The Betsy Ross version features the original 13-star arrangement of the Betsy Ross Flag.

Blue Lives Matter Flag Hater-Free Guarantee

Attacks on "Blue Lives Matter Flags" have been increasing. People have been repeatedly caught stealing them from memorials for fallen police officers.

If anybody steals, burns, or otherwise damages your Warrior 12 flag, let us know and we'll send you a one-time replacement for free (you only pay shipping.)

The Meaning Of The Betsy Ross Thin Blue Line Flag

The Betsy Ross Thin Blue Line Flag represents support for law enforcement officers in America. The thin blue line on the flag represents law enforcement as the line that stands between law-abiding citizens and the criminal element of society.

The flag is black and white with a thin blue line so that is intentionally different than the American flag. Because of this, it is not an alteration of the American flag, rather, it is its own flag.

Flying this flag communicates that you support the institution of law enforcement, and appreciate what police officers do to protect society.

Police officers in America have to deal with physical attacks on a daily basis.

Cops are constantly under the barrage of false information campaigns which paint them as racist or abusive. Many are now even calling for the complete abolition of law enforcement in America.

People who fly this flag communicate to everyday police officers that despite the attacks from a vocal minority, we support what they do.

The flag is perfect for flying on a flagpole. You can show your support by hanging it in front of your house or in your garden.

How To Fly The Betsy Ross Thin Blue Line Flag

The Betsy Ross Thin Blue Line flag is a different flag from the American flag, and should be treated as such. It can be flown by itself, or flown with an American flag.

It can be flown on the same flagpole as an American flag, but should always be flown in the lower position.

It can also be flown side-by-side to the American flag. The American flag should always be flown to the Betsy Ross Thin Blue Line flag’s right, which puts the American flag in a position of prominence.

After a police officer is killed in the line of duty, the state governor will often order flags to be flown at at half staff.

  • 3 Feet x 5 Feet black and white flag with blue line
  • High quality ultra-durable polyester.
  • Embroidered Stars / Sewn Stripes
  • Reinforced stitching on fly end to prevent fraying
  • Reinforced with 2 brass grommets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 274 reviews
    Richard S (Germantown, US)
    Betsy Ross blue flag proudly displayed. Good quality flag.

    I have a telescoping flag mast and fly the blue Ross fly atop, and the U.S. Army flag underneath. Last week a police car came slowly by and gave me a honk and wave. Neighbors have no issue with it. Down the block, the 'Black Lives Matter' sign is displayed in a yard and at the other end the Biden/Harris sign is gone. I also have security cameras for the front, so I don't anticipate any problems. I am retired military and retired Deputy Sheriff. I will replace the Ross flag with the Stars and Stripes when Democrats are put out of officel

    Dennis H. (Chico, US)

    I purchased the Betsy Ross Flag with a blue line in it to show my support for America and our men & women in blue.

    The flag is very well made with stitched stars that stands out beautifully. I love it.

    What the Democrats are doing to America, our police officers and our military is a crime against America.

    I picked the Betsy Ross Flag mainly because it was accused of being a symbol of racism by Democrats.

    Make no doubt about it, we are in a fight to save the American way of life, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.


    Lester Roark (Waynesboro, US)

    Love it

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